Automotive Radar Sensor

Advanced Automotive Radar Solutions Redefining Safety Standards

The System Allows

Adaptive Cruise Control

Blind Spot Detection

Lane Change Assistance

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Automatic Emergency Braking

High Technology Radar System for Autonomous Driving

Automotive mid-range radar sensors play a crucial role as a key component of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This technology is designed to detect and measure objects in the vehicle's surroundings, providing critical information to assist the driver in preventing accidents and minimizing collisions.

Thanks to its innovative signal processing methods and designs, it can accurately detect the distance, speed, and angle of target objects. By rapidly transmitting the captured data to the vehicle's ECU, it enables the fulfillment of safety-critical functions.

ITAS Intelligent Systems' automotive radar is fully customizable, providing a high-resolution solution for ADAS Level 2+ applications.

ITAS Automotive Radar's Features

Working Frequency

ITAS has its own antenna designs for various center frequencies.


ITAS has its own chirp parameters so radar can be modified.(10m-150m with high perception)

MIMO Antenna Technology

ITAS Automotive Radar uses 4 receiver and 4 transmitter antennas for ITAS Automotive Radar, that leads to 16 virtual configurable antenna arrays.

Digital Beamforming

ITAS Automotive Radar field of view can be adjusted whatever applications needs.


Uses chirps as signal types that can be modified to make the radar work as applications needs.

Microstrip Antennas

ITAS has own antenna designs for various antenna performances like field of view, directivity, bandwidth etc.

Key Supplines

High Resolution

2° Azimuth
5° Elevation

Long Range

+150 m

Multiple Targets


Ultra Wide FOV

90° Azimuth
30° Elevation

Doppler resolution

0.1 m/s

Suitability for Weather