In Cabin Radar

Enhance Your Journeys with Safety and Comfort – Redefine the Driving Experience with In-Cabin Radar Technology!

Applications of the Project


Seat occupancy detection
Number of Passengers
Age Classification

Child Presence

Child presence detection
Age Classification of the child
Can also used for pet detection

Vital Signs

Heart rate (HR)
Respiration rate (RR)
Heart rate variability


Hand movement detection
Gesture control
Hands on wheel control


Seat belt reminder
Airbag deployment and disabling

Next Level Cabin Safety for Vehicles:
ITAS In-Cabin Radar

The in-cabin radar technology is crafted with the goal of enhancing safety and elevating the driving experience for vehicle users. This innovative technology stands to become an integral component of modern vehicles. ITAS Intelligent Systems in-cabin radar addresses critical needs, including protecting children in the vehicle, detecting suspicious activities nearby, ensuring vehicle safety, and continuously monitoring passengers' vital signs.

Made achievable by an exceptionally expansive field of vision and unparalleled clarity, the detector identifies and monitors numerous objectives concurrently with remarkable precision, facilitating top-tier safety for all automobiles with one sensor, reduced intricacy, and diminished expenses.

Particularly in situations where there are no adults present, such as when children are left unattended, ITAS in-cabin radar provides practical support by notifying the vehicle owner and offering features like opening windows or activating the air conditioning.

Capabilities of the Radar

FMCW Radar Enables High-resolution Detection Without Physical Contact

Real-time Detection and Response

Single Sensor Solution Eliminates Complexity and Weight Associated With Various Sensors

Passenger Classification Using Machine Learning Methods

Easy Integration With Other Devices Within The Vehicle

Real-time Monitoring of Vital Signs Using Millimeter-wave Technology

Capability to Provide Notifications in Case of Emergency Through Real-time Tracking of Vital Signs

High Angular Accuracy Achieved Through Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Antenna Technology

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