Product Engineering Services

From Concept to Creation: Excelling in Product Engineering

ITAS provides engineering services to its clients, assisting them in developing innovative and competitive advantage products. The services offered throughout the process focus on effectively managing the product life cycle at every stage.

Further Particulars of Product Engineering Services

Feasibility Study

At this critical stage, which forms the foundation of the product development process, ITAS evaluates your business needs and analyzes the technical, financial, and operational feasibility of the project. Through a detailed preliminary examination, it identifies potential challenges and opportunities of the project, helping you formulate the most effective strategy.

System Design

System design is a crucial step that determines the architecture of the product and provides a solution that meets the requirements. ITAS's experienced engineers design the system architecture in compliance with industry standards and identify the most suitable solutions for implementation, considering both hardware and software components in a holistic approach.

Product Development Plan

The product development plan is a detailed management document used to determine the project schedule, budget, and resources. It enables companies to monitor the progress of the project by clearly defining each stage. ITAS's flexible and scalable plans are designed to adapt to changing market conditions and customer requirements.

Algorithm Design

To ensure the technical superiority of newest products, ITAS employs powerful algorithms. Experienced software engineers develop customized algorithms to solve and optimize complex problems. This is a critical element to enhance the performance and efficiency of newest products.

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