Medical Radar

"Health, Privacy and Comfort in Harmony"
Contactless Medical Radar System for Elderly and Patient Caring


High-Tech Radar Sensor For Medical Sensing Applications

ITAS Intelligent Systems Medical Radar System offers a technology that can measure vital signs of individuals without any physical contact, even from a distance of 10 meters. With its high-resolution detection capability, it continuously monitors patients breathing rates and heartbeats. This system not only limits itself to vital signs but also continuously and in real-time tracks users' movements. This feature is particularly advantageous for monitoring scenarios such as falls from bed and frequency of waking up, especially in elderly patients.

For the preservation of critical information and a comfortable user experience, Medical Radar System stands as a reliable representative of modern healthcare technology, with advanced measurement and tracking capabilities.

ITAS Intelligent Systems Medical Radar System conducts measurements entirely using electromagnetic waves, respecting privacy principles. In comparison to alternative technologies like wearable sensors or cameras, the appeal of Medical Radar lies in its contactless capabilities, eliminating the need for users to wear or carry any additional devices and ensuring that images of their private environments are not recorded.

Application Areas of Medical Radar:

Vital Sign Detection

Sleep and Sleep Apnea Monitoring

Micro Shivering Detection

Real Time Contactless Sensor for Smart Patient Care Buildings

Fall Detection and Contactless Localization

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